Privacy policy

What is SARA?

The SARA mobile friendly website was created by and is maintained by the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (SECASA) in Melbourne.

Anyone in Australia can use SARA to anonymously report sexual assault. Reporters can describe the incident and the offender in as much or as little detail as they choose.

SARA is the only Australia-wide anonymous reporting mechanism for sexual assault.

What happens with the information you submit?

Informing the Police

SARA software assigns each report a number and notes the time and date the report was made. A SECASA worker reads each report. Reports that could be helpful to Police are passed on to the Police in the State in which the offence took place, but your IP address is removed before the data is sent.

The decision to investigate further is made by the Police. We have no control over SARA information once it has been given to the Police.

Information storage

All SARA reports are stored in a database. Access to the database is by secure login only and restricted to authorised SECASA staff. All access to the database is done using high grade secure internet connections.

Website usage statistics

Like most websites, SARA collects non-personal site traffic information. This includes various log information such as the pages visited on the SARA site, the type of browser used and the date and time of visits. It also collects the internet protocol (IP) address of the computers who visit. This IP address is not passed on to Police. Non-personal information can not be used to identify the individual user.

This information is used to help us develop the website and better cater to the needs of SARA users.


De-identified SARA data may be stored and used for research purposes.

We will never:

  • Sell information about individuals to anyone else, or use the information for marketing purposes.
  • Publish any identifying information submitted in the reports.
  • Contact an offender, however the Police may do so if the offender is a part of an ongoing investigation.


If you feel that information you have submitted to SARA is being used in breach of this Privacy Policy you can make a written complaint to us at or phone us on (03) 9928 8741 during business hours.